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Welcome to the BF2 and BF2:Project Reality Technical Information and Modding Wiki!

This website is intended to serve as a resource for the BF2/PR community, a repository of technical information related to the games Battlefield: 2 and the modification Project Reality. Specifically, we hope to collect a lot of useful information here related to using the embedded Python capabilities of these games, modding, game statistics, administration, etc.

This website is a "wiki", meaning that anyone can edit its contents in any way--add pages, change them, even delete them completely. Anyone can freely access the material here; if you'd like to edit it, too, all you have to do to is to create a (free) login for yourself, so we can keep track of who made what changes. Generally speaking, please try to keep the information on each page factual; if you'd like to discuss the content of a page, put the discussion on the related "talk" page (click the "discussion" tab at the top of the page in question).

Credit to[1] for the initial content.

The main topic areas of the wiki:

Here's a list of mysteries that we'd like to solve and document here.

If you have a BF2-related programming, modding, or admin project, you are welcome to create wiki pages here for your project, and to link to those pages from the wiki main page. If your project falls into one of those categories, the only other requirements are that any software must be licensed using an OSI-approved license, and your text must be licensed under an OSI-license or a Creative Commons license, such as the license used by this wiki itself. The BF2 Tech Wiki, its editors, and its sponsors make no guarantees or waranties whatsoever regarding anything; this wiki is simply made available to the BF2 community as a public service.